Shifting the Culture & Conversation Around Grief

We are a nonprofit dedicated to helping people who have experienced tramatic loss freely grieve and learn tools to integrate their grief into their daily lives.

free to grieve

Who We Are

After the tramatic loss experienced by President & Founder of Clear Mourning, Sarah Peterson, she searched for a way to express my grief in our society.

Then something transformative happened. Others shared in her grief. Others began sharing their stories. They also shared a belief that we need to change our culture around grief.

Together, we formed Clear Mourning – a nonprofit dedicated to changing our culture and how we acknowledge grief. 

What We Do


We aim to create a community both online and through peer-driven grief support networks.

Through our use and developement of social media, partnerships with existing support organizations, and partnerships with funeral homes, our goal is to create a national symbol of grief.

Grief Support

Clear Mourning is not designed to speed up the healing process or fix the grief. We want to allow survivors the space to grieve through our community and programs.

We support those who are grieving through our sharing our symbol of grief – the broken heart, as well as through a comprehensive list of resources and programs.

Grief Programs

Through the support of volunteers, donors and our community, Clear Mourning provides programs that are designed to help people navigate, understand and integrate their grief.

This includes programs such as Yoga for Grief, meditation lectures, fianancial assistance programs and more.

A Symbol of Grief & Support

With proceeds from the sale of merchandise we provide assistance to those suffering from traumatic losses.  We remove barriers to accessing grief-care and help others find space and time to grieve.

“We’ve created an external expression of heartbreak that you can wear. We hope to shift our culture and cultivate compassion”

-Marlis Beier, MD, Vice President of the Board of Directors