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Join us for posts about grief, how to create awareness and cultural shift around grief, innovative methods to integrate and cope with grief, and how to support you or a loved one in their grief.


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Community Grief

Clear Mourning, and I, believe that it is not your grief, or my grief but in fact our grief.   When I watched the love and outpouring of support for the families killed in the helicopter with Kobe Bryant, I noticed how willing the community of grievers was to mourn...

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Memories and Fantasies

It is interesting to think about the ways in which we grieve, offer support to those in grief and talk about our own experience.  What I mean by this is that we really allow our culture to decide for us how to experience grief, our own or someone else’s.  Our culture...

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A Moment of Joy

Death is permanent.  Hopelessness is temporary. (David Kessler, 2020) When I heard David Kessler say this at a conference in Portland last month it really sunk in and chipped at the edges of my broken heart. Within a few months of losing Marley and my dad, my family...

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Pilot Programs Launched!

"We cannot hold a torch to light another's path without brightening our own." - Ben Sweetland Pilot Programs Launched! Thanks to ongoing support of donations and marketplace purchases, we are on target with the launch of our Pilot Programs. It is such rewarding work...

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What are your Grief Triggers?

  I learned that this question is one of the top grief searches on Google.  I’m going to answer it in my voice and to my experience.  I ramble a little. I have been triggered in my grief in public, private, by strangers and those who know me best.  I believe...

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The Christmas following our losses was among the most non-traditional and hollow ever known to our family.  The day my dad died our son was chosen to go shopping with a cop (a local program for kids facing a hard time).  Our son had not yet been made aware of my dads...

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