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The Empty Chair and Holiday Grief

This event has passed.

The Empty Chair and Holiday Grief

Please join Clear Mourning and Haelan House in our workshop to address the challenges associated with grief at the holidays and what it means to have one or more empty chairs at your table. Clear Mourning is dedicated to shifting the culture of grief and Haelan House strives to assist those having suffered trauma to reintegrate into a healthy and whole life. Our workshop will include tools for the griever to honor their missing loved one and tools for family to maintain equanimity in the face of anxiety, grief and loneliness during the holidays. Additionally, our workshop will help support circles to offer meaningful and appropriate dialogue with those experiencing an empty chair at their table. Objectives:

  • Meditation for grounding
  • How to ask for and receive the help you need
  • Gain support language that is appropriate in the face of “I just don’t know what to say”
  • Mindfulness exercises to manage uncomfortable feelings, anxiety and isolation
  • Ways to honor (giving ourselves permission to recognize the missing person and/or to overcome guilt of moments of joy) the missing person in your life
  • Ways to use memories to learn to live with the grief and trauma